Work in the sphere of hotels and restaurants in Bulgaria

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Waiter, sous-chef assistant, chef, maid, bartender, receptionist, doorman / bellboy, animator

The period of practice is during the periods of the summer and winter tourist season.

      250-400 euros - paid by the hotel per month.
Extra working hours are paid additionally.





How to Work as a Doorman

The duties of a doorman will vary depending on the type of establishment, area, size of building and shift. Hotels in larger cities employ doormen around the clock. In the winter, the doorman may be responsible for keeping the entrance and sidewalk clear of ice and snow. Many doormen also tidy up around the lobby, monitor security cameras, keep logs of package deliveries and open taxi doors for residents. A doorman in a co-op or condo will get to know the residents and make note of any visitors that come by when the residents are away.



Maid job description

Clean and tidy all areas to the standard cleanliness within time limits;  Deliver excellent customer service; Create daily job lists and record all serviced rooms;  Maintain equipment in good condition;  Report on any shortages, damages or security issues;
Handle reasonable guests complaints/requests and inform others when required; Check stocking levels of all consumables;
Comply with health and safety regulation and act in line with company policies and licensing laws..



Kitchen Assistant Job Description

Kitchen assistants (kitchen helpers) are part of the kitchen staff in a restaurant. They work in close contact with the head chef, sous chef and the chefs de partie and assist them by performing a range of food preparation tasks.

The principal duties of a kitchen assistant in a restaurant kitchen include undertaking food preparation tasks, as directed by the head chef or chefs de partie, preparing ingredients, cleaning vegetables, preparing simple dishes, observing correct cooking times and temperatures, using cooking equipment, utensils and machinery (e.g. saucepans, pans, chopping boards, meat slicers), cleaning cooking utensils, and keeping work stations and surfaces clean and tidy etc. Kitchen assistants are sometimes also responsible for restocking the store room and cold room in accordance with the chef’s instructions, for bringing ingredients into the kitchen and for ensuring food is packed and stored in accordance with all applicable food hygiene and safety regulations.


Hotel Receptionist Job Description

  As a Hotel Receptionist, you will deal with enquiries and room reservations made on the telephone, online or by email. Receptionists greet guests on arrival at the hotel; it is important that you make a good first impression - a warm welcome and pleasant atmosphere in the reception area can help to get guests' stay off to the best start.
Receptionists check guests in and out, often using a computerised system. You issue keys to guests; either you provide guests with clear directions, or a Porter will show them to their accommodation. You keep accurate records of which guests have arrived at, or left, the hotel. You make sure that any necessary information goes to the housekeeping, restaurant, maintenance, and management departments.
You provide guests with information about local attractions and places of interest. You might provide additional services for the convenience of guests, such as ordering newspapers or taxis, storing valuables and taking messages.receptYou make sure that guests receive their messages without delay, along with any mail that might arrive for them.
Some Hotel Receptionists operate the hotel switchboard, directing incoming calls and helping guests to make external calls.
Hotel Receptionists prepare a customer's account when they leave the hotel. You put together the cost of additional items such as drinks, telephone calls and newspapers, and include them in the final bill. You take payment from the customer in cash, or by credit/debit card. Some Hotel Receptionists might also exchange foreign currency.
Guests might come to the Hotel Receptionist with any queries or complaints - not all of which will be easy to deal with.
Receptionists often need to use their sales skills to persuade guests to take a better and more expensive room, to stay longer, use hotel services such as the restaurant, spa, and leisure facilities, or take advantage of a special promotion to help to increase revenue for the hotel. You might also make reservations and appointments for these facilities.
In the event of an emergency, Hotel Receptionists might have responsibilities such as helping people as they evacuate the building, calling the emergency services, and checking that all guests have reached safety.
Sometimes, Hotel Receptionists might also live in the hotel where they work. In small hotels, you might have other duties such as serving in the bar or restaurant or helping with housekeeping. Some Hotel Receptionists wear a uniform.
Some Hotel Receptionists working a late shift might count up the money that has been taken that day and put it into the safe for the Duty Manager to take to the bank.
Being able to read, write and speak Welsh may be an advantage when you’re looking for work in Wales.


oficDuties and Responsibilities of a Waiter

The duties and responsibilities of a waiter typically begin before the restaurant opens. Waitresses often stock areas where servers prepare drinks, store condiments and stage eating utensils. Wait-staff set tables and inspect the dining area for cleanliness, proper lighting, tripping hazards and room temperature. Waiters often help stock bar areas with items such as drink garnishes and ice. Other duties might include folding napkins, polishing silverware and glassware, lighting fires in fireplaces and starting heaters in outdoor dining areas.

During operating hours, a waitress greets diners as they arrive at their tables, presents daily specials, makes food and wine recommendations, and takes food and drink orders. The waiter submits food orders to kitchen staff and cocktail orders to bartenders. Once prepared, the server delivers food and drinks to the customers’ tables. Throughout the meal, the waitress clears plates and replenishes drinks. When diners are ready to leave, the server prepares and delivers the bill, and then processes their credit card or cash payments.

After the restaurant closes, waiters balance their customers’ orders with the till, running credit card reports in the point-of-sale system and submitting cash payments to management. They also might restock service areas or clean the dining rooms.



 Bartender Duties & Responsibilities

Bartenders fill drink orders either directly from customers at the bar or through waiters and waitresses who place drink orders for dining room customers. Bartenders must know a wide range of drink recipes and be able to mix drinks correctly, quickly, and without waste. They also must work well with waiters and waitresses and other kitchen staff to ensure that customers receive prompt service.

Some establishments, especially busy establishments with many customers, use equipment that automatically measures, pours, and mixes drinks at the push of a button. Bartenders who use this equipment, however, still must become familiar with the ingredients for special drink requests and be able to work quickly to handle numerous drink orders.

Bartenders in some establishments also use carbonated beverage dispensers, cocktail shakers and other accessories, commercial strainers, mist and trigger sprayers, and ice shaver machines.


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